I Am Not on My Period.

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I am upset … no, not because I am on my period.

I am impatient …. no, not because I am on my period.

I am______ …. no, not because I am on my period. Please fill in the blank as you see fit.

Don’t ask me if I’m on my period , or even state it for that matter. I, like you, have the right to experience emotions …Why? Just because. Is that too complicated to understand ? If it is too complicated, then I am obligated to say this….women + periods = are not always the reason for emotional occurrences. For example, you could have just made a mistake … and your manager reacted in the way that she did because you made a major mistake. Don’t try to remove the spotlight from your mistake, and instead put it on your managers reaction. Do you see how this plays out ?

Many times, in order to satisfy our own actions, primarily in time of rejection, humans tend to put blame on irrelevant factors such as a woman being on her period. You were rejected because you were rejected. Sometimes it’s just that, without any accompanying reason. If you want to justify the reason for someone else’s actions, then please atleast make the justification rationale.

Are you on your period? Do you know what that question sounds like? To me, that question sounds like : Are you showing emotions because it is that time of the month? Oh, I see…so all that I am saying and feeling has no foundational basis…well ofcourse, unless I am on my period. Then, it makes sense because other than that you obviously made no mistake and I am just “Overreacting.” To me, it almost seems like the sick card.

Now, let’s put a positive connotation around the cycle. There is no shame in talking about, and/or even connecting with other women over periods. I don’t know about you, but when I am on my period, I find that most of the other women around me tend to be on their periods as well! How crazy is that? It’s almost like we are all connected. In February 2016, Mashable announced that a period emoji would soon be embedded into the ios keyboard. Exciting news! This is one step closer to getting more conversations going around this topic. That in itself is a major success.

I am a woman and I am proud of period, but I will never let my period take the blame for my emotions. My emotions are my own, and they are not the result of what time of the month it is. They are not the result of the crazy hormonal imbalances during my period. They are the result of the situation at hand, and if you can’t accept that…then you should really reflect on yourself. Your weaknesses, may only allow you to blame someones “Period,” but in all actuality you are just hard-headed and cannot accept any other reasoning for your current state of circumstances. Sounds harsh, right? Imagine, how harsh it must be for our emotions to always be brushed off by others? The image above I chose to use in this blog post doesn’t directly reflect the topic of discussion, but to me it is a peaceful image. Similarly, my monthly period is a peaceful part of my month as well! Oh, by the way I am on my period as I type this blog post, but trust me, that is not the reason why I chose to write about this topic. Hopefully, you can seperate the two! haha. Sending a lot of positive vibes your way!


Manisha Sareen

One thought on “I Am Not on My Period.

  1. I have a problem ..no not because I’m on my period.
    I don’t know when people will take it as a casual thing, it’s not a problem man that’s something natural.
    I’m really pissed off from the society where girls are not to allowed to enter temple during the periods blah! Blah.
    They don’t have any rights to stop women from anything.

    I appreciate your post @ Manisha sareen.


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