Fantastic Friday

Everyday is fantastic, but since Fantastic and Friday have the same initial I decided to utilize it! As it is the end of the week, it is the perfect time to reflect on the week and prep for the following week. Although, this can be used as a tool to prep for the upcoming week, it is more of a self-assessment for where you are headed in your life, and if that is where you want the direction of your life to go.

Remember, to take out some time this weekend to truly reflect on these questions and more importantly to be honest with yourself in the process. The more honest you are with yourself, the more helpful this process will be. I find that if we don’t stop to reflect on our life, we sometimes don’t have any basis for measuring our lives. Wishing you all the best of luck as you reflect:

  1. Am I happy with my life right now?
  2. What was a win for me this week, and why did it make me happy?
  3. What could I have done better?
  4. Did I accomplish all the goals I had set for myself in the beginning of the week?
  5. Which people am I spending the most time with, and are they pushing me towards my goals or taking me further away from them?
  6. What are my top goals that I want to focus on as I move into the next week?
  7. How much power do I have to change my circumstances, and how will I take action on this?
  8. Am I giving something too much attention, where my attention is not required?
  9. Am I giving something too little attention, where my attention is required?
  10. What is one skill I want to continue working on?

Please comment with more questions! I am sure other bloggers would love to keep growing this list! Remember, to be honest! Sending a lot of positive vibes your way,


Manisha Sareen

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