The 4 Proven Tips That Will Keep You Sanely Single!

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These days there has been one consistent thought on my mind: Did everyone I go to school with get married? Don’t get me wrong, I am SUPER happy for them all but it is crazy how time flies. During times like this, it is important to keep your confidence at an all-time high. Keep feeding your confidence, telling yourself anything you need to hear to remain confident. At a point in time, you may get tired of attending all of your friends’ weddings and may just throw yourself a pity party. Am I right, or am I right?

Well, fear not. I can save you from all the trouble. Just keep these 4 tips in the back of your mind whenever you start doubting yourself. Before I spill out the secret, I want to make two things clear…No, you are not going to remain single for the rest of your life and yes, your friends will hopefully attend your wedding. 

Here we go… 

Tip # 1

Don’t mark a date on your calendar for when you want to get married and/or into a relationship. Set long-term goals, please do. When it comes to love and relationships, it can’t be backed up by a date you highlighted on your calendar. Give yourself time, and don’t rush it. Even if, by Indian standards you are getting too “old” (age 23 according to them), trust me, you will find the right person. 

Tip # 2

You are single and you have no one in mind as a potential life partner. This does not equate to your life being boring. So many people think that they are doing something wrong and/or their life isn’t exciting because they don’t have their significant other. WRONG. I know so many single people who are having the time of their lives (walking their dogs and picking up their poop every Saturday night) every single day of the week! You heard that right. Don’t get down on yourself or start questioning if you are doing things right. You are, just give it time. 

Tip # 3

Maybe……just maybe… are waiting for the right person. You are going on dates and you are meeting new people, but your past experiences have taught you to set high standards. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with that. Some may say that you are being way too picky. No, maybe you are being way too logical, and they can’t handle that. Keep setting those standards high, because someone will meet them. If…someone doesn’t meet them then let me know…I’ll blog about how remaining single for the rest of your life is equally as empowering (haha, that was a joke). 

Tip # 4

Joy. Joy for you may be in the single life and/or being single at this point in your life. That is perfectly fine. Don’t let society’s standards define your Joy! 

Although the next Instagram post you see may be another marriage, please know that you are absolutely fine wherever you are in your life because that is what makes you happy. Stop comparing your life to those of others and watch how much more happier you become.

Sending a lot of positive vibes your way, keep smiling. 


Manisha Sareen


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