10 Life Lessons I Learned The Hard Way

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Life is a constant journey which is always teaching you so much. Here are a few lessons I learned the hard way but continue to apply in my own life:

1- You can listen to people but you don’t have to absorb the information.

– People can give you advice but that does not make them credible in the topic. I just can’t take their advice seriously because they are speaking from experience, and they are telling what they think is right according to what life has taught them.

2- Stop doubting yourself

-I have doubted myself multiple times for one reason – I overthink everything. Stop it, just stop. When you make a decision, stick with it and follow through with it. Don’t question it, because you will most likely end up changing your decision and the root cause of that will be fear. 

3- Say YES more often 

-So many times when I get the opportunity to stay home, I take full advantage of it. Don’t do that. When people ask you to go out and/or meet up say YES. The comfort of your home is very appealing but at times, just try out the YES and you’ll end up having such a great experiences.

4- People will judge you, always. Do what you want to do. 

-Don’t base your life decisions on making others happy. They will never be happy and it is not your fault. They just have to handle everything going on in their lives, and believe it or not you are not that vital in their life. Therefore, do what you want for YOU.

5- People are always going through something, don’t judge them. 

-Believe it or not, everyone is fighting their own battle every single day. Just let them live, and you live your life. Don’t let you mental peace be disturbed by what is going on in everyone’s life. 

6-Enjoy the moments you are in, instead of worrying about the future. 

-I have wasted so much time worrying about the future. I stay in the present and enjoy each and every moment of it. Try it out – it is amazing. 

7- You can always learn more. 

-Don’t ever think you are the smartest person in the room. You can always learn more and be open to that. 

8- Don’t just go to work and then home. 

-Don’t get so involved in a routine. Get involved in extracurricular activities outside of work. No, happy hours don’t count. Are you into public speaking? Look for a group and meetups, there are so many of them around!

9- Always leave your house earlier. 

-You may think that the time you are allotting for your commute or meeting is more than enough, but it is not. Always give yourself more travel time than you think you need!

10- You don’t need someone to teach you!

-There are so many resources around – books, internet, etc. You can always teach yourself….want to learn a new language, go online and you’ll find endless articles and lessons on Spanish. 

Thank you! I would love to hear the life lessons you have learned!

Sending a lot of love your way!


Manisha Sareen


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