Yes, people run 100 miles. How could someone run 100 miles? Why would any one want to run 100 miles? What do they get out it? Let me clear the air by saying that I have never run a 100 miles. However, I have run marathons and have been called crazy for doing so.

Running is a internal thing – there are not thousands upon thousands of people cheering you on in a stadium and nor is the journey to the finish line glamorous. The number one reason I love to run, whether it is in marathons or a Sunday morning run is because I am allotted the opportunity to surpass my own limitations. Each time I cross the finish line I am reminded of my capabilities, strengths, and inexorable will power.

In our lives we are always pushing ourselves mentally, but what if we were to do the same for our physical well being? Wouldn’t a lot of things change in your lives? You see, life is literally a domino effect. For example, my gym sessions in the morning translate into me having a productive day ahead. Wellness is directly correlated with mental, physical, and spiritual well being. The number one reason why people, including myself, run such long distances is because it is not only a physical test but also a mental one.

It is exciting to be able to transcend to an entirely different level, a level which was deemed impossible at first. It isn’t for the gold medal and/or approval from the crowd. With each mile, we are aspiring to be the best version of ourselves. In turn, this can be motivation and inspiration to others. Marathons and long distance races aren’t for everyone, but instead of calling us crazy…why not call us relentless?

Have a great day!

Sending a lot of love,

Manisha Sareen


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