Mentorship Can Be Remote

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Mentorship is promoted everywhere we look, don’t you agree? Every successful person is advising other people on the importance of having a mentor in their journey of life. Recently, I have been following Jay Shetty very closely. He is a best selling author, and strives to inspire others to live their best lives.

In one of his talks he mentioned that mentorship can be remote. You can be mentored by someone you have never met. To me, it was always the complete opposite. I have always believed that mentorship requires a formal meet and greet and then follow-up meetings to discuss goals and progress. For example, one of Jay’s mentor was Steve Jobs. He never met Steve, but read a lot about him and was inspired by him. Hence, he considers Steve to be one his mentors.

Isn’t this amazing? I never thought of mentorship as such. Are there any people you look up to, but have never met? Would you consider them to be ya mentor? How have they helped shaped your perspectives, decisions, and actions?

Have a great day ahead, and keep smiling. Sending a lot of positive vibes your way!


Manisha Sareen


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