We live in a very fast paced world and in such speed it is easy to create superficial relations and connections with people without even realizing it. Over the past few months I have found that I am most joyful when I am creating strong and meaningful relations with people. There is something so energizing about extremely meaningful conversations with awesome people.

There are three things that I learned from putting in the time to getting to know people:

1) Everyone is always busy, but not busy enough to not want to share what’s been going on in their lives. You’ll notice that the response you give to others is usually the same level of response you receive back. Do you think this coincidental? No! The other person is merely reciprocating the energy you’re providing them with. If I ask you about your day and I get a “good” from you, then I might as well assume that you’re just not interested in speaking. On the other hand if your response is a bit more than “good,” and in turn you show enthusiasm in wanting to know about my day, then I will be equally as excited to continue the conversation. Often, low and negative energy is reciprocated by people in conversations turn boring very quickly.

2) People are not as intimidating as they appear. So, don’t get nervous by looks and attitudes. I have walked up to people that look the most intimidating and they turn out to be the nicest people I have ever met. Sometimes, what you perceive to be intimidating might just be that person lost deep in thought.

3) Listen. Yes, it is as simple as that. You don’t have to always be the talker in the conversation. Let the other person talk. If you give them that opportunity, they will actually talk. Everyone wants to talk, so be willing to listen.

Thank you for reading, I am so grateful for all of you and for the time you took to read this post. Sending a lot of positive vibes your way,


Manisha Sareen


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