Reasons to Read Before Bed

We have access to all the latest shows and and movies at the touch of a button. Perhaps, this ease is the reason why so many people prefer to watch shows and movies before going to bed. Even with all these options readily available, I am a big supporter of reading before bed. 
Reading is such a vital component of every routine. Some of the most successful people read daily. However, the benefits of reading before bed are proven to provide numerous benefits. 

Here is why you should read before bed (even if it is just for ten minutes): 
1 – You will obtain better, deeper, and more restful sleep. Statistics prove that reading before bed reduces stress by 68%. With reduced stress comes a very productive morning. The act of reading in itself if a very relaxing activity. It does not require you to exert energy and therefore does not tire you out. 
2- So many people make the mistake of looking at their phone right before bed. Believe it or not, this light really DOES impact the quality of your sleep. Instead, why not focus your mind on reading? Not only are you learning before bed, but you are also preparing yourself for a better sleeping pattern. 

Reading has helped me personally, and has help me create a progressive mindset. For example, even when I am able to complete one chapter of a book – I feel accomplished. This mindset and way of thinking follows you into every other area of your life. Reading is important in every single way, and especially right before bed! You can go here to read more about the benefits of sleep! 

Sending a lot of positive vibes your way!


Manisha Sareen

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