I can not EMPHASIZE enough as to how essential it is to protect your positive vibes. They are so important to your well being and to maintaining an optimistic attitude. Here are five ways to help keep your vibes in good shape, despite your external circumstances:

  1. Don’t Pity Yourself – Listen, I understand. We have all been through situations where we begin to view ourselves as the victim. However, the ones that continue to keep their vibes in check are those that take their circumstances as a lesson and keep it moving. Don’t get stuck and stop thinking that people also need to pity you. That is never the case, they will acknowledge the rough situation you are in, but they have to focus on their own lives as well. Pick up the pieces and keep it moving.
  2. Don’t Speak Negatively – People have their doubts, that is definitely true. However, people with positive vibes don’t speak about themselves from a negative perspective. They are their own biggest cheerleaders, and have a can do mentality. This is true even in situations when the odds are stacked against them.
  3. No Comparison Necessary – People with their vibes in check feel no need to compare themselves to others. They are also able to celebrate the success of other people and be perfectly fine with it. They don’t entertain jealous thoughts, and have a strong relationship with themselves.
  4. Know Yourself – Keep a really strong pulse on what makes you happy vs. what doesn’t. Once you are aligned with who you are and your likes + dislikes, you almost naturally are able to keep your vibes in check.
  5. Communicate – Let people know how you feel. Don’t expect them to understand without clear communication. It is when you create and communicate boundaries, are you able to protect them. Don’t ever be afraid to express those boundaries.

Sending all of you an infinite amount of positive vibes.


Manisha Sareen


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