Trust. What a simple word, yet how often do we fail to trust in our circumstances, trust in ourselves, trust in people? Why does this happen? Why does our trust falter with changing circumstances? Why does our trust falter depending on how we feel? Why does our trust falter at all?

We place trust in others within the blink of an eye, yet during hard circumstances we let fear take over. We let our self-doubt take control. We stop believing in our abilities, our experiences, our credibility, our power and ourselves.

Why do we trust everything other than ourselves? How can this even be possible? How can one build trust with others when they lack trust in themselves? How can one trust their circumstances when they don’t trust themselves? We are always looking for answers in the external world, but all the answers lie within us.

Despite, everything guiding us to seeking the answers within, we continue down this journey of self-doubt. We continue to question ourselves, and our strength during difficult times. I am here to tell you something very important.

YOU are SO powerful. During hard times our vision becomes a bit blurry, our path includes a few unforeseen hills, our lives cause a few hiccups, and we find ourselves lost. Even through it all, through all the hard times, through all the obstacles, through all the doubt, through all the frustration – YOU, yes, YOU come out a winner. How beautiful is that? YOU come out stronger, YOU come out better, YOU learn about yourself in newer ways. Again, how beautiful is that? We are so amazing – we adapt, we figure it out, we continue on despite all the difficulties, we never give up, we support others during their hard times, we communicate for ourselves and we stand up for each other. Wow. Powerful, absolutely powerful.

During these times, the times that we are all facing at the current moment it is important than ever to believe in YOU, to believe in your circumstances, to believe in your family, to believe in your loved ones, to believe in the outcomes, to believe…just to believe. What if you stopped thinking about everything that could go wrong, and instead, just trusted yourself. Trusted yourself like you always have….maybe your self-doubt overpowered your trust, but now is the time to let that trust shine. You will never know how your ability to trust yourself during such times, can empower another person to trust themselves. As a result, you are creating such a beautiful ripple effect. powerful is that? Just when you thought your journey was becoming difficult, you pivoted and found a way to use your journey to empower someone else. Your trust in yourself is radiating, let it radiate so powerfully, that others also begin to trust themselves.

Sending so much love to you, keep smiling, keep thinking on the optimistic side of the spectrum ❤




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