Are you finding yourself living a life very similar to those around you? Do you do what everyone else is doing? Did you know that the majority of the people you are turning to for advice are also doing what everyone else is doing. More than likely, if you turn to them for advice – they’ll guide you down the same path that they took…How crazy is that?

So the question is – do you want to be successful? Regardless of what you define as success – you HAVE to be willing to do things that other people are not doing. You have probably heard this a million times – so let me repeat it again. For example, when I was growing up I did not see many early risers in my family. My grandfather used to get up at 4am, and start his day before everyone else. Gradually, I realized that by the time people were just getting out of bed – he was already finished with his morning routine. I was amazed by this small, yet powerful detail. It made him different, it made people look at him and ask…why do you wake up so early? The reason why they would ask is because they could never be a “morning person.” What does that even mean? We are creating and recreating habits at every single point in our lives…if you really want to be successful the first thing you need to do is change the direction of the dialogue you have with yourself. Stop saying that I am not “this” kind of person. You can be the kind of person you set your mind to, you just don’t want to make the change.

Next, if you are doing what everyone else is doing – then you are doing it wrong. If people are calling you crazy, driven, motivated beyond anything they have ever seen…then you are doing it right. We are always seeking advice and approval from the outside world (I did at one point), but why don’t we seek approval and advice from ourselves? We KNOW ourselves best…we question ourselves so much, but did we ever stop to question the people we seek out advice from? How credible are they? Do they even live the talk? Do they work hard or do they just talking about working hard?

So many people think that the successful people get “lucky.” People think these successful people made it to the top because it was their destiny. WRONG. For every decision, you make towards greatness, people fail to recognize that you are also making the decision to sacrifice twice as much. You don’t work on being great once or twice a week, you work on being great every second of the day. Most of the work is behind the scenes, hence so many people think that the successful people just get…lucky.

There will be days when you just don’t feel like putting in the work. You know what though? How you define success, and the level of importance it holds in your life will contribute towards your reaction to these perceived “obstacles.” You may need to do something extremely different than what you are used to. This is the only way you can start building your path towards your definition of success.

Are you getting up early while people are sleeping? When people tell you that your dream is impossible are you turning back around and working twenty times harder to prove that a person with a dream can achieve success. What are you going to do today that will help you become one percent better? Are you going to just let the things in your life happen or are you going to take back control?

My phone wallpaper says the following: “Practice showing up for yourself every. single. day.” One day, you will look back at your life and smile at all that you did…or frown at everything that you didn’t do. What will your reaction be?

Senidng so much love your way ❤




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