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Just when you thought….it was just WHEN you thought that you would prove their doubts right…..you turned right back around and proved them wrong. Today, I want to share one of my experiences with you. I tell you this experience, because I don’t EVER want you to think that you aren’t smart enough, or that your voice isn’t valuable enough. Growing up, I was never the smartest. Trust me, I was reminded of this “reality” at every point in my life. I would sit down for hours upon hours to study, and what I did was “never” enough as per the standards of society. The study material that would take other people one hour to review, would take me the entire day to understand. I would get scolded constantly for not being “good” enough. These constant reminders of not meeting the standards set by society were always in my face. Subconsciously, I even started to believe that I indeed, wasn’t smart, intelligent, or brilliant enough.

It took me some time to really understand that my standards are set by ME. This realization was supported by…well no one. I realized this on my own, and that is when my life started to change. I realized that I set my own standards. I don’t need to live up to the standards of society, and I don’t need to be defined as intelligent, or smart, or through another label based on the criteria set by everyone else around me. This was an extremely important realization for me. If I had never realized this, I would be stuck in a vicious cycle for the rest of my life. If I had never come to this realization, I would still be living a life for others. I took everything everyone had ever told me about how much of a failure I was, and I turned it around to prove to myself that I wasn’t. I didn’t do it for anyone else. In the process I created the strongest discipline, and work ethic. I am beyond grateful for that.

I want to say that you just need to believe. Believe in you, your capabilities, your potential. You will meet people that will support you to the fullest. At the same time, please keep in mind that you will also meet those people who will discourage you. I never ever wanted my decisions, dreams, and life to ever be influenced by the negativity of others. That is why I started believing in the only person I could believe in….that person was me. In the process I created very strong discipline, and decided to spread an infinite amount of optimism in every way possible.

What if you believed in YOU? What if you didn’t listen to all the people saying no? What if you supported you? What if…what if…what if? These are two very powerful words. Remember to always remind yourself of how valuable you are.

Sending so much love your way.

Manisha Sareen


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