Goals have always been the guiding principles in moving me forward. However, the issue with that has been that many times the achievement of the goal becomes more fulfilling than the journey to the goal. I realized this when I started becoming more self-aware. I understood that my focus on fulfilling the goal was so intense, that I never took a moment to pause and enjoy the moments leading up to it. Yes, that is exactly it – I never PAUSED to take in those precious moments that were creating the pathway towards achieving my goals.

So, honestly I am not here to talk about my running goals (although I do have them). I am here to let you know that my running goal moving forward will be to just run. Of course, the goals I have set will guide my running on a daily basis. However, my greatest goal is to enjoy and be present during each run. Okay, ready for the amazing technique I’ll be using to obtain this goal?

Here we go:

  1. I will be fully present when running – by this, I simply mean that I will take out time to enjoy nature and not take away from the present moment because I am so focused on the details of the run.

I run, because I love to run. It is as simple as that. Why complicate it? Sending so much love your way.

Manisha Sareen


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