When you love a sport – you just love it, right? There isn’t necessarily an explanation for it. If you asked me a few years ago, I would say I pursued running because it was a great way to get in shape. However, my love for running has transitioned from obtaining a specific goal to doing it because I simply love it. This allows me to run motivated on every single run instead of having to find the “motivation” to help push me through my runs. I strongly believe that our perception, and perspective of the sport greatly dictates our attitudes towards it.

I was listening to one of Courtney Dualwater’s interviews (one of the best Ultra marathoners), and she was asked how she felt when she stood at the starting line of a 238 mile race. She said she was very excited to have the opportunity to be out and running. Her response didn’t mention anything about winning, and/or a finish line. Similar to Courtney, I run because it is pure happiness.

However, I do understand that people may not love running, but do run. Here are 3 quick tips for getting that motivation, when you don’t even feel like putting on your running shoes:

  1. Music, Music, Music. You know those days when you don’t even want to look at your running shoes, get an awesome music playlist ready the night before. This is SUPER important. I know when I have an amazing playlist ready the night prior, I am more than excited to get to my run. The better the music, the better the run.
  2. Yoga, Yoga, Yoga. Doing yoga prior to my runs has been very helpful to me in becoming an overall better runner. I also find that doing yoga before my runs, mentally prepares me for my runs and gives my muscles room to warm up.
  3. Why, Why, Why. Remind yourself of your why. You may want to run, not because you love it, but simply because you want to meet a fitness goal. That is absolutely great – however, sometimes the reason why you started gets lost in the process of thinking too much about the end result.

There will always be reasons why you don’t feel like running. In those moments it is essential to remind yourself of why you are on this journey, and then it is important to set yourself up for success prior to your runs. You can do this by preparing excellent music playlists, and stretching or doing yoga. Sending so much love your way,


Manisha Sareen


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