Can a Netflix TV show really teach you key life lessons?

Schitt’s Creek – the most beautiful Netflix show to have been ever made. I had randomly started watching this show during the winter a couple of years ago. Honestly, I didn’t think anything of the show but did think it might actually be funny. Well, rest is history! As it turns out Schitt’s Creek became my favorite show ever. Isn’t it crazy how certain shows have the ability to changes lives – well, Schitt’s Creek happens to be one of those shows. This show is a perfect depiction of love, life, laughter, and most importantly family. I had written a blog post about family previously and realize the significance of having a family in ones own life. To be clear, I have watched and rewatched this show and its episodes numerous times. Every time I watch Schitt’s Creek I have felt a level of coziness inside – it feels like home. There are not many television series that do for me. Here are a few life lessons Schitt’s Creek has taught me – hopefully, these life lessons are helpful to you:

Family is not a title – it is a commitment to be there for each other through the rough and hard times. When Johnny, Moria, David, and Alexis lost their wealth and had to move to a small town to start their lives from scratch, it seemed like they had a very long way to go. As time passed by they learned to actually be a family. The wealth really had taken a huge toll on their relationship with each other. They never made the time to see each other and were so busy in their own lives. Moving into a small town and sharing a small space with each other helped them gain a deeper understanding of each other. For example, when they were wealthy they always held a grand Christmas party in their mansion. This year Johnny wanted to be sure to get the family together around a Christmas tree in their new small home. This time around so many things were different – for one they did not have the money to put on the best Christmas party. The episode starts with Johnny really trying to rally his family around his wish to have a Christmas party, however, he very quickly realizes that they aren’t really interested. Somehow, Johnny gets a Christmas tree but the party he envisioned doesn’t really work out. At the end of the episode David, Alexis, and Moria surprise him with a grand Christmas welcome when he returns home. It is absolutely beautiful when family comes together to share love and happiness. Johnny was so surprised when he got home but he was super thankful for David bringing Christmas decor from his store to accommodate the party while Alexis and Moria took care of the the party details. Ultimately, they did not want Johnny to be sad that he could not have the Christmas that he wanted. Family support is often the most overlooked, yet the most vital component of any family. Isn’t it ironic that when they had wealth they didn’t have each other, however, when they lost their wealth they gained the family they never had.

Don’t forget those people who helped you through your rough time. In Season 2, John and Moria go out to a restaurant for dinner and happen to meet their friends from the time when they were wealthy (those “friends” who never checked up on them after they lost their wealth). At this time Jocelyn and Roland also happen to come into the same restaurant and everyone ends up having dinner together. The fear of admitting to their new living situation leads John and Moira to put on a show for their wealthy friends about how lavish lifestyle. In the process their friends happen to insult “Schitts Creek” by calling it Schittsville. After hearing an earful about the town and its low standards, Johnny finally takes a stand. He highlights how Roland and Jocelyn have been there for them and gave them a place to stay while his wealthy friends did not turn around to ask how they were doing. People will always come to you in your good time, but how many people actually support you in your worst times? Think on that – those people that have stuck it out with you during the most horrible times are the ones you should never let go of.

Showing emotions is not a weakness. Heartbreak is a common theme in the entire show. Alexis is a perfect example of this – in Season Six of the show Ted and her agree that it is time for them to end their relationship so that they can pursue their careers further. Majority of relationships don’t end on such a kind note. They told each other that they will continue to love one another but the situation at the time didn’t allow for them to be together – that in its way is so beautiful.

Sarcasm is important! Laugh – it helps! Taking everything so seriously is exhausting. Throughout the show we see that humor is intertwined in almost every episode – especially in Alexis and David’s relationship. This is one of they key reasons why this show is so successful – they make you laugh!

Life is beautiful – and it becomes even more beautiful with positive and uplifting people around you. Surround yourself with optimistic people and know that you grow in the most difficult of times.


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