“You Are The Only One Who Can Get Up When You Are Down.”

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“You Are The Only One Who Can Get Up When You Are Down.” This quote was said by Daniel Larusso in Cobra Kai. For those of you who don’t watch this show Daniel Larusso said this in a scene when he was giving his daughter advice about life. This quote really stuck with me because it truly is representative of life. We go through so many obstacles in life and there is a commonality between all of them. We sometimes make our problems about other people in expecting them to be there for us during our hardest times. I have learned from failed expectations that the only one who can REALLY help you is YOU. These situations have also taught me that there three types of people that we come across during our hard times:

  1. There are people who really mean they are there for you and those are the ones that you can turn to for help.
  2. There are people who say they are there for you but do the bare minimum in time of need. For example, they will ask about you in the initial stages and after that you won’t hear from them. They won’t even come by to check up on you or even send a simple text message to ask about you.
  3. There are people who will call you periodically to hear the latest update on how you are feeling as it is mere gossip for them.

I have realized that in specific situations and circumstances we often expect people to be there for us but I have learned that in life you have to go through circumstances on your own. We set expectations because we have high standards for the people in our lives and we expect them to meet these standards. Do we ever stop to think why we set these expectations? Personally, I would be there for someone through their hard times and it wouldn’t just be surface level. That might be one reason why we expect people to be there for us.

Through my hardest times I have had to turn inward to help myself. I think in doing that I have achieved such great peace and satisfaction and I am grateful for those people who weren’t there for me. They have taught me how to be stronger! Going back to Daniel Larusso’s quote – “Only One Who Can Get Up When You Are Down.” We often think that people need to be there for us – but the only person you need to be there for you is yourself.

Have an excellent day.


Manisha Sareen


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