“Sometimes miracles are just good people with kind hearts.”

Don’t you think we make being kind so complicated? Is it really that complicated or is it that we don’t want to be kind and try to still show that we are kind and then become too involved in the fairness of acting to be kind? You see how complicated I just made that? Smiling at someone or holding open the door for someone are simple examples of kindness but yet so rare. Due to it rarity, when we do see a hint of kindness we are overly surprised. How could someone be so kind in a world that is so negative and mean? Well, let me tell you kindness does still exist, however it is not always common.

Everywhere I look I see only anxiousness, unhappiness, broken relationships, and shallow personalities. When did kindness become so rare and when did it completely disappear? Sometimes we make excuses for not being kind – but are this reasons valid? Do they justify the frown on your face and the anxiety that you feel daily? Simply smiling daily can lead you to believe that you are in fact a little bit happier than usual. How crazy is that? Can you imagine the positive impact your kindness would have on the people around you? Here are a few ways in which you can continue to be kind even when the going gets rough!

1 – Speak positively about yourself and others – It is thought that gossip is such an easy to way to “connect” with others. By gossiping you are not really creating a connection with anyone. You are however wasting your time and energy. Gossiping tells you more about the person that is gossiping and less about the person they are gossiping about. How productive were your gossiping sessions? I would say not productive at all – so why not switch up the dialogue? Let’s talk positively about ourselves and others. I am sure you will leave the conversation feeling better!

2- Listen more, Speak Less – Are you the one speaking majority of the time when in a conversation? If so, try to listen more and speak less. The amount of wisdom that you will gain from this simple change will be monumental. Also, when you listen more you are able to prevent that “all about yourself mentality” from taking over in the conversation. Listening in itself is a way in which you can be kinder. Most of the time people are interrupting one another to get their point across. There will be less interruptions and more wisdom if you just listen.

3- Be genuine – You can’t ask as if you are genuine – you really have to be genuine. For example, if you are going to compliment someone make sure that is is not a generic compliment. Make it a unique compliment! I’ll be very honest – most of the compliments that are given these days seem to be so fake. You ever feel like someone gave you a compliment to just give a compliment? Don’t be that fake complimenter! Try to be geunine in everything you do – that mentality and way of being will then automatically transition over into every aspect of your life.

4- Stop complaining and cursing – The more you complain the more of a negative mindset you will continue to adapt to. Have you ever felt really good about yourself after complaining and cursing?

5- Say “I love you” to your loved ones more often – Life is beautiful so why not make it even more amazing by continuing to express the love you have for your family and friends by saying the simple, yet significant words: I love you!

6- Help others – Approach your day with the helping others mentality. If you always approach your day with a horrible mindset then you are surely not going to help others. However, if you approach your day with a bit more positivity and optimism you will naturally want to help others. When you help others you feel good about yourself and the process of optimism continues and feeds into the rest of your day.

Kindness is in your control. Do not let the negativity around you impact your level of kindness towards others. We all can use kindness – even if it is a simple smile showing someone that you care can go a very long way. I know that life has become super stressful and everyone is always so busy but be sure to add kindness to your day. Be kind because it is the right thing to do and not because you expect and act of kindness in return. Be kind and have a great day!




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