Recently, I have been rethinking the purpose of my blog. There was a timeframe in which I had stopped writing because I wanted to think through the topics that I want to focus on through this blog. During this timeframe I realized the importance of inspirational stories. Personally, inspirational stories have been extremely essential to me because they have helped me see that success is just around the corner, despite the obstacles that exist. Through this understanding I realized that my blog will primarily focus on bringing these inspirational stories, sayings, quotes to life. I want to ensure that every person reading my blog can be a bit more inspired and happier. There is a need for inspirational stories in this day and age because an inspirational story can help every person reading it and that is the goal of my blog.

So here we go with my first inspirational post of this series – a few days ago I was taking out groceries from my car and a man was passing by the car. He saw that I had alot of groceries, and he quickly walked over to help me out. At first, I was not sure why a complete stranger would choose to help me as people don’t even acknowledge others, so this was a major act of kindness.

After he helped me, he asked me if I needed anymore help and proceeded to go about his day. “Thank you so much” was all I could repeat over and over again. Kindness is so rare that when one comes across, it is sadly, very shocking.

Everyone goes through their fair share of struggles. At the time this complete stranger helped me, I was worried about my father’s health. So you can imagine how this act of kindness helped me feel better. Isn’t this what life is about – helping others and being kind every step of the way? This man reestablished the fact that kindness does still exist. Most times, everyone is so caught up in their own lives that they barely have the time to even pay attention to the lives of others. When you make someone feel like they matter – it goes a very long way.




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