The other day I saw an elderly couple holding hands and walking together. I could not help but smile at them, and they sent a genuine smile right back my way. This was such a beautiful moment! Think about it – between such a busy way of life, three humans still managed to smile at each other.

I think too many times we are all caught up in our own world, and don’t recognize all the amazing things around us. I mean generally speaking no one smiles these days – that basic human connection which brings us together has been lost.

An old couple holding hands and smiling relentlessly at the world brought extreme joy to me. It showed me how they appreciate their relationship, and how through the rough and good times they stood by each other. Through it all they still had a smile on their face.

There is alway a message that we can learn from when we see the happiness of others! Why is it then that instead of being happy for others that people immediately compare their level of happiness to that of others? Not only happiness, but I mean everything – why do we compare so much? I naturally smiled at the elderly couple because I was genuinely happy for them. I could’ve easily ignored them and gone about my day and or thought of how I wish I saw some more happy couples around. However, being happy for them to me seemed like the right emotion!

I was reading a book the other day and in it the author stated how togetherness is so essential. When someone is happy that means they are spreading happiness and joy to other people in their lives. Do you see what I mean? Everything does not need to be seen through a singular lens.

Do you know that person standing in front of you in the line for coffee? Well, we all know that person who complains while on line about the wait time for their coffee. Do you know that person who just always complains? Well, think about all the people in their lives – don’t you think they will go on to complain to them?

Doesn’t someone’s negativity create even more negativity? When you communicate with a kind person, you will naturally want to be kind to them. This is the essential part of not seeing everything through a singular lens. Life is meant to be simple, so then why do we always overcomplicate it?

Complications almost always come from comparison. If we are always busy comparing then we are never fully present in the current moment.

Be genuinely happy for others – not everything is a competition or comparison. Have a great day!


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