How to be More Confident in Your Fitness Journey?

I am always hearing people doubt their fitness journey! Some of these people are the smartest people I know, so why is it when it comes to their own fitness journey, they doubt themselves every step of the way?

Fitness in itself has now become more of “trend”. What this means is that people want to be fit because it looks good, and not because they want to lead healthier lifestyles. Trust me, I had started my own fitness journey for this very reason!

Gradually, in my 8 year fitness journey in the gym I realized that to me fitness is much more than that. However, in the beginning phases of my journey I doubted myself every step of the way. A few years into my fitness journey I went from standing in the corner of the gym so no one one would see me work out to becoming my own biggest supporter.

So what changed?

Fitness is not a trend – Firstly, I realized that fitness is not a trend, well at least not to me. Fitness is my own journey and I will define it in my own way.

One bad workout/meal does not define my fitness journey – At one point in my fitness journey, I was counting every calorie I was eating. At a certain point, I realized that I can have a bad workout or eat a snack/meal that is not a part of my regular meals. This does not mean that I have messed up all of the hard work in my fitness journey so far. I would carry around this feeling of not being good enough and then to add to it if I had a bad workout or did not eat as per my diet – I would then reaffirm those feelings of not being good enough. It was a very bad cycle and honestly I just realized that I am not defined by it.

Spoke to other fitness enthusiasts – I spoke to other people who are also equally as passionate about fitness! I learned from their fitness journey and realized that everyone has their own unique journey in the gym!

I educated myself of nutrition and the gym – I started reading more about gym exercises and the most nutritious foods. Even in this time of infinite diets and exercise plans, I realized that there are so many different exercises and foods that are beneficial!

Stopped comparing myself – I stopped comparing myself to fitness influencers! I realized that this is my own journey and I am going to define my own path! My progress is still progress!

I learned to love my fitness journey and be present every step of the way

Fitness is not about others, it is about you! Fitness is your personal journey and lifestyle so voice it in your own way and by your own standards, and not by the standards of others!


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