Quote of the Week

Quotes are so powerful because they allow you to understand the meaning of certain topics within just a couple of words. How amazing is that? Quotes also help empower and motivate – they allow you to understand the meaning of important topics in just a few words.

“The littlest things is where we find the most joy.” So often, we are always looking for materialistic things to make us happy. In the process of doing so we forget to acknowledge that the most important things that can bring us joy are right in-front of us. For example, in the morning when you have a hot cup of coffee, that in itself is pretty miraculous. That is only if you choose to look at it that way. Otherwise, in rushing to get to the next thing on your to do list you forget to enjoy the amazing moment of just having the time to sip on your coffee. This can apply to everything any anything in your day. Are there moments in your day that you just don’t consciously appreciate because you are too busy with you never ending to-do list? Remember to always appreciate everything in your life – this can even mean appreciating is someone holds the door open for you. We sometimes think that joy will come to us by the way of a new car or the new clothing that we ordered. However, we realize that none of that brings us joy at the end of the day. The joy is in the rays that reflect on your face from the sun shining brightly in the sky. The joy is in the smile you received from a complete stranger on your way to work. The joy is realizing that you are responsible for recognizing joy. Stay joyful and have a great day!




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