Life doesn’t give you an ocean without the waves. I heard this quote in a Netflix show and it really stuck with me. I have been reflecting on this quote for a few weeks now.

However, recently the meaning of this quote became even more clear. The lady that was sitting next to me at the nail salon told me about some of the health issues she recently faced. I could see that there were tears in her eyes and that she was getting very emotional. In doing so she also told me that when she was in the hospital she didn’t know when she would get better. She said her family really helped her get through this difficult time.

I went on to ask her what she had learned from this experience. She paused for a second and actually looked a bit surprised by my question. I could tell she wasn’t prepared to answer it, yet she had the answer ready to go! She told me that she learned to live each day as it were her last. I could now see the tears in her eyes.

I hear this saying all the time, but hearing it from someone who really understood the meaning of this quote was much more meaningful.

Life is truly a journey and I know there are times where some obstacles seem bigger than others. However, in the process of stressing about those obstacles let’s not lose sight of how beautiful life currently is. Have a great day!




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