There are an endless list of excuses that people manage to give when it comes to not working out. Hearing someone say “I can’t workout because I don’t have time” is by far the most common excuse. This statement always leaves me baffled because these same people are the ones who manage to go out every night. If you are reading this post and can relate to this excuse, that is alright! In this blog post I will walk you through four unique ways to conquer this excuse!

However, before I explain the 4 ways to conquer this excuse, I want to talk you through another important piece of the exercise puzzle. Working out for some people is a chore, and for others it is a very important part of their lives.

The reason why some people are able to make it to the gym consistently, while others are not is because they have made fitness a priority in their lives. Making the gym and fitness a priority in your life stems from the reason why you’ve chosen to commit yourself in the first place. Sure, short-term fitness goals like getting in to the best shape of your life for an upcoming wedding may work for a month, but after that you will go back into the same habits and routines. Fear not! Here are 4 unique ways to help you figure out this fitness puzzle:

1 – Why do you want to workout? This is perhaps the most important question in this puzzle. Once you are able to answer this question, your fitness goals will suddenly feel achievable! Really take the time you need to brainstorm this question. Try to go beyond reasons of looking good or the external focused reasons. For me, working out defines my standard. My commitment to the gym, is my commitment to myself and my life. I set extremely high standards for my life and to me that starts with the gym!

2 – How many times has the thought “I should really workout” or “I should’ve really worked out today” crossed your mind in one single day? If this thought has crossed your mind frequently then you and I both know that you want to make fitness a part of your life, but your excuses are just endless. The reason why I encourage you to ask yourself this question is because it will tell you that you subconsciously do want to workout. It isn’t a thought that makes working out sound like a chore. Instead, this thought confirms that once you do commit to fitness, you will excel endlessly.

3 – Visualize – You can now visualize your success, we you have defined why working out is important to you. Think about how the process of accomplishing your fitness goals will look, and how you will feel once those fitness goals are accomplished. For example, start by thinking about the time at which you will workout daily. Then, you can think about what kind of workouts you want to implement into your routine. Perhaps this can be a part of your routine daily, because once you start visualizing success you will more than likely follow through on the processes and routines needed to get you there!

Fitness and health is extremely important in our lives. Stop your workout excuses from winning each time. Remember, that fitness doesn’t need to take 2-3 hours a day, fitness can also be a ten minute workout routine implemented into your day!




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