Every single day there is a new fitness trend or a new fitness influencer on Instagram. Trust me, the growth of the fitness industry in general is an amazing accomplishment in its own regard. However, I remember starting out in my own fitness journey a few years ago and being totally confused about which workout to follow. Through this blog post I am here to help make this fitness journey for you a little less confusing.

Here are few tips and tricks to make sure that the information you are consuming is indeed accurate:

1- PAUSE – This is by far the most important aspect of this process. I know that when you are starting out on your fitness journey you are fully energized. So many people follow all of these fitness instagram accounts and are constantly comparing their fitness journey to that of others (people that they don’t even know)! In this noise, they don’t even get the chance to pause and think about what they want from their own fitness journey.

2 – DEFINE – Once, you have taken the chance to pause and just be in silence for some time without the noise of the fitness trend on social media, take out a piece of paper. Start writing out why you want to start your own fitness journey. The why behind your fitness journey will be so crucial to your overall consistency. Once you have defined your why, write out the key milestones you hope to accomplish along the way.

3 – RESEARCH – Do your research! There are an infinite number of social media accounts and articles that give a variety of different fitness advice. For example, if you are following a fitness Instagram account, you can look to see how long this person has been committed to fitness, do they actually provide you with new workouts and fitness tips and tricks or are the most of their posts of them posing with some branded clothing in the mirror. Ask yourself, if the accounts you are following are actually providing value to your own fitness journey.

Remember, that your fitness journey is your own path towards your own goals. Lastly, do no compare your fitness journey to the fitness journey of someone who has been working out for many years. You are just at a different point in your own fitness journey and constantly comparing yourself will only lead you further away from the goals you want to accomplish through your dedication to fitness.




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