Do you really need a rest day? YES! Rest and recovery is essential to an overall successful exercise routine. Not seeing the results from your exercise routine? Rest and recover. Getting frustrated by the fitness journey? Rest and recover. Feeling tired, sore, fatigued which then leads to a horrible workout the following day? Rest and recover. You see the answer to all of the questions that come up for you through the fitness journey is rest and recovery. The world we live in today categorizes rest and recovery as laziness. This is far from the truth. Rest and recovery is vital to overall long-term health. Here are reasons why rest and recovery is essential:

1 – Increases likelihood of muscle recovery – Exercising is a shock to the body. When one exercises the body is depleted of stores of muscle glycogen and muscle tissue is broken down. Rest days allow the body to fix both of these issues. If you overlook the importance of a rest day, you deprive your body of helping sore muscles from recovering. This may result in prolonged muscle soreness and pain.

2- Helps prevents overtraining – I remember that there was a time in my fitness journey where I felt so overworked, but I continued to go to the gym because I associated a rest day with laziness myself. That resulted in multiple health issues for me. When you don’t take the time to rest and recover you eventually get super fatigued. This is also known as the overtraining syndrome. This results in dehydration, a horrible mood, and many other issues. Understand and listen to your body!

3- Helps provide time for other things in your life – Don’t get me wrong – fitness is a very important part of my life, but there was a time in my life when I was working out twice a day and by the time I would get home I would go straight to bed. This was my routine for years before I realized it isn’t a sustainable way to live. Now, I take one day off from the gym and I am able to spend more time with my family and loved ones. I am able to enjoy the hobbies that I love.

4 – Allows your body to adapt – Any exercise program calls for the body to adapt to increased or decreased intensity. When you first start a fitness program you might be feeling extremely sore – this is normal as your body is getting used to the workouts. After a while of the same exercise program you might no longer feel sore. This calls for a change in your fitness program and increased intensity. When you allow your body time to rest and recover – it allows for the adaptation process to take place as well.

Remember that a rest and recovery day is extremely important to your overall exercise routine and overall well being!




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