As an avid runner passionate about the sport, there are a few fun and helpful facts. You know, I’ve always wondered what the point of fun facts was. Like yes, they might be interesting, but what if they could help you too? So, here we are, ready to go beyond fun facts. Here are a few interesting, fun facts about running that can be helpful to you in your running journey:

1- Each step you run consumes movement from 200 muscles.

2- Running for just thirty minutes daily can positively impact your health by promoting better sleep, positive mood benefits, and the ability to focus/concentrate more!

3 -The ‘runner’s knee’ is considered the most common injury in running. Also known as patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS), the condition refers to cartilage inflammation under the kneecap.

4 – Listening to music while running improves performance by 15%. There are mixed reviews about this as running for some runners is not a preference as it takes away from being in the present moment.

5- If you want to roam the whole planet, you have to run 12 miles every day for 2,075 days.

Running is a fantastic sport, and the list of facts is endless. As a runner, there are still facts I am learning about the gift of running. I believe that the more facts you know about the sport, the more in love with you fall. Thank you to this page for these fantastic facts!


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