Prove It To Yourself

Why do people feel they have something to prove to the world ? Why do we always run around as if we are always running after something?

During the 26 years I have been alive, I have learned this lesson, although a bit late, it is still useful. Everything YOU do, should be for YOURSELF. Not for any other person, or friend, or family member,etc. Do it for YOU. This is such a significant lesson. When you start doing things for yourself, then the journey becomes even more exciting. No longer will you feel as if you are running on a hamster wheel. You will feel as if you are walking, although it may be slowly you are still moving along.

How many times have you set a goal in hopes of making another person happy, to only end up disappointed ? So why go through the process of that? Why not just make yourself happy?

You may be thinking: “Well, wouldn’t this make me selfish?”

No, not at all. When you are fully charged and excited, then only will you be able to spread that optimism and positive vibe to the world around you.

Food for thought. Try applying this to your Friday and assess how much closer you feel to your goals. You will be setting your own standards, and won’t have to worry about the reaction of others. Even reading that sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Have an amazing day ahead, sending you infinite positive vibes.