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Wait, You Are Going Tell Me What Beauty Is?

Generally speaking, I am not a huge television watcher. Okay, if watching television correlates with having a life in your terms - then I guess I am lifeless. LOL. Wow, that sounds kind of weird, would you agree? Okay, I was passing the time. Now let's get to work, shall we? I am about to… Continue reading Wait, You Are Going Tell Me What Beauty Is?

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A Life Full of Stairs

Good Morning friends! As I write this post I am standing in front of a staircase. Yes, a staircase. This sounds like it's a part of everyday life, right? When you actually dive in deeper you will see that there is a hidden meaning behind it. Every step is a representation of a different phase… Continue reading A Life Full of Stairs

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Award Winning Advice

Good Morning Bloggers, Blog Readers, and all of the above!Β  SIDE NOTE: It is official - each one of my blog post's will be in a different color. Why? I am a very optimistic person and I believe my blog should reflect that. What better way to do that than a handful of beautiful colors?!Β … Continue reading Award Winning Advice


Keep Moving Forward

Hi Friends! Today I would like to share with you a simple but inspiring story I found online. As you are reading this story try to make a list of goals that you had once set but gave up on. As you write this list ask yourself the very essential question: WHY?Β  The Elephant Rope… Continue reading Keep Moving Forward