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What is Your Excuse?

If you have been following my blog for some time now - you most definitely know that I absorb and seek inspiration in any way possible. This Indonesian photographer was born without legs and arms. Now, to any person, this may be taken as a form of limitation in terms of achieving goals. Achmad Zulkarnain… Continue reading What is Your Excuse?

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24 Hours.

Good Evening Friends! I hope that you are doing awesome on this beautiful day! 24 Hours. Imagine, if you were told that you had 24 hours to live. Yes, it would be a very emotional time in your life but what would you do with those 24 hours? Now, grasp that feeling and imagine living… Continue reading 24 Hours.

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Body Image: Why is it an Image?

Body image is a serious issue for many people. These two words simply define the view one has of their body, right? In most cases, the opposite is often true. What do I mean? Well, many people tend to associate ”body image” with the external world. They place too much importance on how others view… Continue reading Body Image: Why is it an Image?

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Award Winning Advice

Good Morning Bloggers, Blog Readers, and all of the above!  SIDE NOTE: It is official - each one of my blog post's will be in a different color. Why? I am a very optimistic person and I believe my blog should reflect that. What better way to do that than a handful of beautiful colors?! … Continue reading Award Winning Advice

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Why NYC Women are the Nation’s Most Stressed?

Good Morning Everyone! You hear it all the time, right ? Someone is stressed about their hair, or someone might be stressed about issues in their family, or one may even be stressed out because of stress itself. Stress is definitely prevalent amongst all groups of people and the causes of it vary across the… Continue reading Why NYC Women are the Nation’s Most Stressed?

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Don't you absolutely love when women and girls fully support one another? This in itself is so powerful and it is definitely a reliable way of creating a strong foundation for lasting change. Let's look at an inspiring example of this right in Hollywood. Jessica Chastain fought to get Octavia Spencer equal pay for an… Continue reading #WomenProgressingTogether


Keep Moving Forward

Hi Friends! Today I would like to share with you a simple but inspiring story I found online. As you are reading this story try to make a list of goals that you had once set but gave up on. As you write this list ask yourself the very essential question: WHY?  The Elephant Rope… Continue reading Keep Moving Forward