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When was the last time you did something for you? Each one of us has so many different responsibilities. When we take off one hat, we put on another one. We are constantly on the go, and by the time you realize it…half the day has gone by. Is it even possible to take some time for you these days?

It sure is possible! There are so many different options and ways to create that boundary to help you carve out time for you. The one word I want to focus on this blog post is that if commitment. How else will you follow through on time for you? Here are four commitments you need to make to yourself in order to create that YOU time.

1- USE YOUR CALENDAR: Look at your calendar as recording appointments with yourself. Make sure to block out time on your calendar for YOU. Just like you make time to meet friends, take the time you have blocked out for yourself seriously.

2- YOU CAN SAY NO: Overexerting yourself to meet the needs and expectations of others is always going lead to burn out. Remember, to put yourself first and to recognize when you are too tired and really just need YOU time.

3- ENGAGE YOUR PASSION/DRIVE: I have heard this multiple times: “I am too tired to do anything after work.” I am not saying to commit to going to a Public Speaking session every day after work, but even if you start with just one day a week – that is huge progress!

4- WORK ON YOUR GOALS: Making time for yourself doesn’t only mean setting aside time to relax. It can also mean shifting your focus to work on your long-term and short-term goals. This in itself is empowering!

If you weren’t able to take out time for yourself this week, be intentional with doing so over the weekend! Have a great rest of the day, sending a lot of positive vibes your way!


Manisha Sareen


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