In 2018, I decided to run my first marathon, ever. Before that, running for me was more of a chore that I just had to do. It wasn’t fun. However, when the possibility of running a marathon came into the picture – my entire perspective shifted. I had never dreamt of running a marathon, let alone 5 miles. The thought of being able to run a marathon was exciting to me. No one in my family had ever done it, and it was official – they thought I was crazy.

Running a marathon taught me so much about both the mental and physical limitations I had placed on myself previously. For example, the idea that I did not enjoy running, really prevented me from even pursuing running as a hobby. In running marathons I have come to realize that our we are capable of so much more than we think. Trust me when I say this – running a marathon changes your life.

Fast forward, and running has become such a crucial part of my life. Many people ask me, why do you run? I want to clarify that I do not run as a way to stop thinking about the stressors of daily life. Here are the three reasons why I run:

1- Running Helps Me Reflect. Simply put, running helps me really reflect on my life, and also just to think about everything I am going to accomplish for that day and/or have already accomplished. For me, it is very similar to journaling – however, instead of writing – I talk to myself.

2- Running Helps Me Refocus. With every step I take forward, I am strengthening my confidence in myself. During my first marathon this is what had truly helped me cross the finish line. I kept my focus on each step, and with that I was able to stay present. In focusing on the smaller steps, I was able to accomplish the bigger goal of crossing the finish line.

3- Running Helps Me See the Beauty in Nature. Whenever I go for runs outside, I am grateful for the beautiful scenery I come across. I am constantly reminded of how amazing nature is. It truly makes each one of my runs so memorable. It could be the trees, the blue sky, and/or just the pavement I am running on. I notice every single detail, and learn to appreciate it all.

Running has changed my life, and it all started with making the decision to run my first marathon. Sometimes, we just need to take the first.

You are amazing ❤

Sending so much love your way,



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