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In listening to a motivational talk this morning, like always, I have to share my take away from it with all fo you.

My take away from this motivational talk was surrounding the idea of loving yourself.  How simple, right? It is so simple to love yourself because doesn’t society teach us about this concept of loving ourselves every single day?  

Obviously, I am being sarcastic in the above paragraph. Nothing, about society, teaches one to love themselves to infinity and beyond. Although, it does depend on how people take in information being fed to them from society, overall, it is the job of society to make you doubt yourself, and then to provide you with options for treating yourself.

For the entirety of this post, can you forget society for some time? Please? Try to read my questions below, without utilizing any pre-conceived notions society has fed you in the past.

  • First, do you love yourself?  Of course, you do…right? I mean you run around all day long for other people – doesn’t that mean you love YOU? Not necessarily – shockingly, it is the opposite. We run around doing stuff for others because we think that we are not enough….we definitely need human affection, but you are also absolutely enough, my friend.
  • What does it even mean to love yourself? Do you show yourself the same compassion that you show others? Do you put yourself first? When was the last time you took a day to yourself?
  • Do you criticize yourself more than you lift yourself up? Is the self-talk in your head mostly negative, or is there a twist of positivity to it?

In conclusion, your self-love should inspire them to love themselves. People are live their entire lives, waiting for someone to love them. If you love yourself, you will surely attract the right person BUT it all starts with YOU. Sending a lot of positive vibes your way,


Manisha Sareen 


One response to “I Am In Love With Me!”

  1. scribblerdeva Avatar

    Edify yourself that solitude is divine! Stage your own conviction , you’re the ‘mastero’ of your life! Becoz, “As a mirror I (we) born”


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