I first titled this blog post “Motivational Monday” but then I realized that one should not require motivation to make any day great! The fact that you have this day to accomplish your goals in itself is a miracle. I know it might be difficult to get excited for the beginning of the week, especially since you are transitioning out of the weekend! However, I am here to tell you that Monday too can be one of the most exciting days in your week. So you might be wondering how this is even possible. For years you have probably dreaded Monday and suddenly there is a blog post telling you that you no longer need to dread this day. Here are 5 ways in which you can make your Mondays less dreadful and more miraculous.

  1. Wake up early and work on your own personal passion project. When you start the day by working on something you are passionate about you are more likely to carry this energy to the rest of your day!
  2. Your Monday actually starts on Sunday! Make sure to set aside 30 minutes to an hour on Sunday to plan for your week. When you plan for your week in advance, you are more likely to feel motivated at the beginning of the week. When planning for your week make sure to set 3-5 goals you want to accomplish for the week!
  3. Set the tone for the week by listening to something motivation. Often times at the beginning of the day I will listen to a motivational speech or podcast. This will definitely get you ready for the week ahead and especially your favorite day of the week – Monday!
  4. Listen to high energetic music – this will definitely get you energized for the day!
  5. Meditate – When you set aside some time to meditate and sit with your thoughts you allow yourself to be present while appreciating the moment you are in. Instead of focusing on the negative, you are allowing your mind to focus on the great things in your life. You will carry this attitude with you throughout the day and instead of complaining about the fact that it is Monday, you will learn to embrace every day regardless of which day it is!
  6. Change your dialogue. Every week you usually say the same things to yourself about how you don’t look forward to the week. What if you were able to change this dialogue in your mind by repeating certain affirmations to yourself? Affirmations are simply a way for you to reprogram your subconscious mind and in doing so you ultimately change your attitude to a more a positive one. Set aside a few minutes in the morning to repeat empowering affirmations to yourself!
  7. Gratitude – Waking up and being able to see the sunrise in itself is a miracle. When you realize this you will realize the power that you have to change your entire attitude towards the day.

Life is beautiful and every moment is important. Too often, we spend the majority of our lives complaining and constantly looking at the negative. You are in complete control of your attitude towards life, so why not work towards changing that? Have a great day!




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